In the Light of ONE

Customer Testimonials

Kellee S. Testimony Post Breast Cancer Surgery

Fortunately for me, I was introduced to Dona and Ley while undergoing my breast cancer reconstruction surgery.  I endured a seven hour radical surgery which left me in excruciating pain and my plastic surgeon was not optimistic for a full, healthy and smooth recovery.  I immediately contacted Dona and Ley and scheduled an appointment to accelerate the healing of my incisions and to alleviate the horrendous pain.

I was not familiar with oils, Reiki or Shamanistic healing and was more than pleasantly surprised at the experience.  Dona and Ley set the atmosphere in their center with beautiful, tranquil crystals and décor, not to mention the smell of sage just soothed my soul. I knew I was in for a spiritual journey like I never experienced before.

Though Dona and Ley worked in unison, each performed their own expertise in the realm of healing in such a synchronistic fashion.  I sensed loved and was at peace for the first time in a very long time.  After my session was over, I felt pain free and knew I received more than just a healing from two gifted healers; it was a spiritual healing that I will never be able to explain. 

To say I highly recommend Dona and Ley does not do their work justice.   I leave this testimonial stating, I have another surgery scheduled and you can bet I have an appointment lined up for more therapeutic and spiritual healing with Dona and Ley.   Apollo Beach, FL

Shireen Lee

Testimonial: Several months ago, life was full of despair. I was literally at my wit’s end as to what to do with numerous life situations too dismal and many to list each. Then I met Dona Strong and Ley Greywolf. Life has taken on entirely new deeper meaning. Direction of what to do in each uncomfortable situation comes easier. It is like someone turned the sunshine rays on to shine on me. Is life trouble-free? No, it isn’t but clearly not living on the edge any longer either. Life is a joy again, even with its trials and tribulations. May I be blessed to continue my relationship with Dona and Ley long into my elder years! With sincere gratitude, Shireen Lee  Virgina, MN


Joyce Parmelee

Testimonial of Interspecies Communication / Animal Totem Journey Workshop

On 9/7/2014 at the Panther Ridge Conservation Center



I had a wonderful experience at Panther Ridge!!  The workshop was filled with like minded ladies who all had a yearning to learn from the exotic wild felines at Panther Ridge.  Sharing the experience with my friends and meeting new people was great.  We were led by two awesome teachers Dona Strong and Ley Greywolf. 


Dona knew how to lead the class and teach us about energy and the exotics in a manner that was both simple yet very informative.  Dona and Ley melded together in teaching us in a seamless manner, playing off of each other’s strengths.


Ley explained some of the rudimentary forms of clearing and cleansing ourselves so that it was easy to understand and do it on our own after the workshop was over.  Ley also led us through a totem animal journey so easily that even those who had never gone on a journey could follow. 


It was so awesome to meet Judy the owner of Panther Ridge and communicate to her what the big cats had to share with us.  To have the chance to talk to her and get confirmation on what we had received was priceless. 


I would totally recommend this workshop to anyone who would wish to attend!


I know I will be going back!!!


Joyce Parmelee

Allaria Angras the owner of  Divine Spirit Creations 

A wonderful and amazing day ... A day at south Florida's very own Panther Ridge Conservation Center ♡

An amazing class/workshop by Ley Greywolf & Dona Strong on animal communication and grounding/clearing. Seriously could Not say Enough on how wonderful it was. Definitely a life changing experience - friends, new friends,  The Amazing Judy who runs Panther Ridge, Ley and Dona, and the stunningly beautiful furry residents ♡♡♡♡♡

I had the Pleasure of speaking with Bella/Isabela the jaguar, Brandy the puma, & Amos the black leopard (photos from PRCC).   
Please, PLEASE check out their website. And if drawn to donate to these majestic beings for their well being. ♡

I feel privileged and blessed to have met Dona Strong at a soul coaching seminar.  Dona did soul journeys with others and myself, and with her intuitive and psychic abilities, and other experience along with the soul coaching program, it was truly amazing watching her work. 

Dona's heart and soul goes into her work, and her advanced abilities and pure desire to help heal others allows a person to open up to her with their innermost, private struggles, and know that she will be non-judgmental in helping you.  
As for my soul journey with her- it had a powerful impact and was truly life-changing.  I met one of my spirit guides who was in a past life with me.  First, Dona helped clear my throat chakra (due to past hurt, I didn't allow myself to speak out). This has empowered me, to be able to speak and be heard from the heart. My spirit guide was a Native American Chief, and when I saw him, my heart was so tight and my stomach was knotted, remembering the love we had.  I was in awe as he gave me a message to be strong, be content, and told me that I have a lot of love in my heart.  He said that he would always be there for me, and that we will meet again.  And I have since connected with him.  This has brought a lot of peace and comfort into my life.

Dona, thank you - thank you - thank you for taking me on this very powerful soul journey experience, I highly recommend this journey for anyone. You will always have a place in my heart!

I am hoping one day for Leo and I to attend your animal communication class, to assist me in my work, and meet Ley!
In Love and Light,
Cindy M. Toronto, Canada

I experienced a journey with Dona that was life altering. She provided me a safe place complete with aroma therapy and energetic clearing.  

I went into the journey seeing swirling colors – questioning myself. I was blessed to have Dona with her experience, knowing and love. She was able to explain and guide me thru an angelic healing beyond belief.

Amazingly enough we moved on to contact 2 of my spirit animals complete with their names, personalities and characteristics.

This was a life changing experience!

Wendy Connole California USA

Connole & Associates Inc.

Marketing & Real Estate

Dona is compassionate, wise and caring with her gentle guidance & wisdom. Dona guided me through an amazing journey which allowed me to see the truth of my soul.

Freesia Chen Los Angeles, Ca.

Human Resources Manager 

Dona has such passion and enthusiasm for helping others. Her depth of compassion and wisdom are unparalleled.

Jean Monte Los Angeles Ca USA


Dedicated Healer and Gifted Intuitive

Dona has been a dedicated Reiki student of mine for several years and is a devoted energy healer and gifted intuitive and co-creator. She has demonstrated keen abilities of clairvoyance and has used her abundant healing gifts in service to many animals and people with profound results. Dona understands the amazing healing value of essential oils and crystals and has mastered how to integrate them for optimal healing results. Perhaps most important of all, she fully believes that anything is possible and therefore holds a powerful knowing presence that tips the scale from healing possibility to probability.

Kumari Mullin, Reiki Master, Author and Animal Mystic, Sebastian, FL

My name is Judy Berens and I am the director of Panther Ridge Conservation Center

We presently have 18 exotic cats, many of whom were rescued from terrible situations, and have many physical and emotional scars. Our aim is to bring these beautiful and rare animals back into balance and provide a secure and loving environment for them.
Through the amazing work of Dona and Ley, I have seen an incredible improvement in the physical condition and emotional stability of these precious animals. Dona has used her empathic talents, Reiki and specific Young Living oils, topically applied, to boost their immune systems and outlook on life. She is able to do this long distance, when she is not able to be here personally. This talent is mind blowing - I can see their reactions as she is working with them from Tampa, 4 hours away.
I highly recommend contacting Dona and Ley with any concerns you may have about your companion animals - those that are currently with you, and those that have passed on. They are both incredible healers.  Wellington, FL
Sharon M. Niblack (Nefertiti)
I absolutely LOVE Ley & Dona, Dona & Ley. They synergistically work together as one.  Their healing methodology is unique and effective. I am so glad that God has introduced them into my life.   You can feel their love, compassion and effectiveness of their healing. Their healings go beyond the traditional methodology of healing which often times is ineffective. Give them a call today!!! Peace, prosperity & blessings.

Tampa, FL
Tara Harper LPN, LMT, CHt  
I've known Dona for quite a few years and when she asked me to write a testimonial I think I was dumbfounded by all the different profound things I could say about her ...

When I think of what makes someone a great facilitator of healing I think of words like compassionate, earnest, calm, centered, focused, strong, poised, graceful, honest.  Recently my friend came to my home and I was honored to watch her work with my daughter Cheyenne.  I am always amazed at how my students grow.  Dona's medical intuition has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.  She has a good grasp on what her subject is physically going through which can give her quite a step up when doing healing work.  I listened to Cheyenne say again and again "It's so weird that someone can describe what I feel." I would never allow anyone to work with my daughters energy if I was not in alignment with their abilities and strengths.  Dona has grown into a very competent healer!!

As Dona has been on her Reiki Master path she has come up against opportunities to heal herself that have challenged her very bone marrow.  She is much like a pit bull and works a plan to get herself through any obstacle that may present itself.  She has honed her psychic and empathic abilities, educating herself regarding essential oils, and more recently has begun to work deeply near/and with shamanism guided by an incredible Lakota Shaman Ley Greywolf.  

One of the things I have loved watching as Dona has been traveling her path is the deeper and deeper understanding of her personal life plan and her accepting the many opportunities to become active in healing in her community.  Not only can Dona assess the physical she has the ability to do a great job assessing the Spirit and Emotional bodies as well.  Dona is also accustomed to bringing all types of healing to her subjects, if for some reason she believes that another healer would be a better fit for you, she wont hesitate to refer out.  This is important for you to know, what this means is that her focus is on your healing and not her pocket book or her ego.

I'm proud to call Dona my longtime friend, proud to call her one of my Reiki students, and proud to know that she has reached a time in her path that she is reaching out to you. 

During Dona's most recent visit with me she brought some of her companies sage and smudging products.  I used to live in and near Ashland Oregon, I used to collect some of my own product and always had access to some pretty amazing quality supplies.  Since coming to Florida it has been difficult for me to find quality product.  I spent some time with these products this morning and it was the cleanest most clear energyI have worked with in years.  If your sacred space and energy clearing is important to you I suggest you try the many products that are being offered by Dona and Ley.  I wont use a different product again, that's how in alignment I am with this product.

Lakeland, FL
Tara Edwards
The beauty of In the light of ONE:

I must start this letter by saying that,  for the first time , I know true bliss. Prior to meeting Dona & Ley , I felt overwhelmed and drained most of the time .   Once our paths joined unexpectedly , my perspective about my own life changed almost immediately. I was open to releasing the insanity that had held me in captivity for so long . With a natural kindness in their hearts , I was gently taught tools to cope and allow the real me to be , not what I thought I HAD to be .

Truthfully , a 100 pound weight has been lifted , a miracle no less. These two truly loving, generous  and gifted individuals have shared the gift of serenity and made it possible for me to stand up taller and know I am worthy .Words are hardly enough and I am beyond grateful for this experience and discovery of what is Real . I would highly recommend their services to any and everyone who seeks peace within .

Tara Edwards   (Wesley Chapel, FL)
Enjoy the gift of this day,

Dona Strong  Reiki Master; Empathic Intuitive and Young Living oil distributor

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Young Living Products. I have used them in healing 2 and 4 legged clients. I have witnessed Young Living oils do miracles for the Exotic animals I work with. In addition  I’ve personally seen Young Living oils work miracles with Saddle Thrombosis, Radical surgeries and comas.  I use Young Living Oils personally by diffusing, topically and internally  incorporating essential oils into my Home and Healing Center.


I have worked with Young living oils for 8 years. In that time I have had the pleasure to help many clients with healing, products for their homes and personal use. In addition I use and recommend their natural vitamins and tincture (Young Living created the world’s foremost functional beverage, NingXia Red®. Young Living created the only nutrient drink on the market that combining whole Chinese wolfberries and pure therapeutic-grade essential oils).


All essential oils are not created equal. Because Young Living is passionate about creating the very best products, they are dedicated to ensuring that they meet the most stringent quality standards. With their unique process of planting, cultivating, harvesting, and distilling, they consistently produce oils that exceed industry standards, and far exceed worldwide standards for essential oils.