We have forgotten how to connect with Mother Earth. We see that reflected in what we build, and where we build. Our choices are based on what is available and not always on what is practical, and not based on what location is optimal for our health and that of our family. There are several factors to consider, but nothing to be concerned about simply understood…


The reason to have your home checked, there are many external factors that can cause discomfort and dis-ease. In cases like this very often the cause is the energies of the house people live in, or of the area in which the home is located.  

  • Stagnant energy accumulates through repetitive habits like coming home everyday you may sit down turn on TV kick off shoes.  You have not energy to get up and make a meal or take care of yourself.  This happens more often than we realize  
  • Restrictive thought patterns like arguments, envy, jealousy etc.   

  • Areas where unadvised spiritualistic rituals have been conducted can also accumulate large amounts of negative, stagnant energy quickly.  

  • During periods of reoccurring, frequent, or extended illness: The Qi or energy in your body is influenced by the quality of energy in your home or workplace and vice versa. The energy field of your environment can reflect and sustain the vibrational pattern of an illness, depression, or compromised immune system,reinforcing the condition in your body. Space clearing creates a higher, stronger, and clear energy frequency that supports personal recovery and health. Clear your environment often.

  • After misfortune: It is absolutely essential that space clearing be done after illness, divorce, death, heavy arguments, accidents, or the departure of an unpleasant visitor to facilitate a timely release of any residual emotions, pain, suffering, and sorrow. It can literally clear the air of stagnant, unhealthy, negative or unhappy energy so you can begin anew

  • When you hit a negative energy patch, you can feel its effects immediately as irritation, anger, fear, loathing etc. for no good reason; often way out of character or context.

There are so many different types of energy that may cause these disturbances in your house or the environment.  If you experience that something is “off” in your life this kind of energy may be a contributing factor. People are just not used to thinking about clearing the space in their home. They think nothing about opening a window after burning a piece of toast or on a sunny day opening a window. This is just an awakening to another way of clearing the spiritual space of your home so that it is more conducive to healthy living within the space of the home removing all negativity, and thought patterns and illness left behind in your space. Raise the vibration and live a healthier life!

Understanding the Energies of Your Home

In general there are two main reasons why it is important to know the energetic conditions of your home and its surroundings:

  • You or any other member of the household (or maybe even your visitors) may feel uncomfortable in your home. It becomes especially important when people living in the home develop emotional and/or physical problems. In such a case it is most likely that the energies are not supportive or healthy and need to be balanced and aligned or transformed.
  • When You have committed yourself to your personal evolution and growth and to expanding of consciousness. In other words you wish to become more your true self. You would like to know whether and how the energies of your home and its environment optimally support you and whether these or your interaction with them can be improved. You are NOW and going forward going to be empowered to be able to do the work you need to clear your home and self. We will work with you to do deeper work. BUT you do have the ability!
Below are the average Cost for Residential Space and Energy Clearing. Use the down to view all of the pricing. 

**Remember this is clearing your entire property and griding not just your living Space. The entire grounds** 

Homes that excess 2,000 Sq will be priced accordingly after site visit.

**Please note: These prices only cover areas that are 50 miles or less from our Plant City Facility and  no more than 1/2 Acre of Land
Residential Space Clearing Less than 1/2 Acre of Land

Below in the Cost for Business and or Industrial park Space and Energy Clearing use the down arrow for additional Information.   Business that are set in an Industrial Park require a good amount of Crystals and Energy work since the area around your Business is in a constant state of Flux..   

**Please note: These prices only cover areas that are 50 miles or less from our Plant City Facility and  no more than 1/4 Acre of Land or Parking Lot
Business Industrial Clearing Less than 1/4 Acre Land or Lot

Some of the Many tools we use in for Space Clearing 
We do require a deposit of 1/3 of total cost prior to beginning the Clearing this allows for majority of the cost of materials and supplies needed to complete the work.