In the Light of ONE
Soul Journey's and Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regressions and Soul Journeys are extremely insightful. I am not only exceptional in facilitating the process of your past life regression experience or soul journey, I also travel with you giving my insights to relevant questions for the purpose of learning and healing.

Past Life Regressions heal the past, present and future; I have witnessed immediate physical and emotional healing after these sessions for some, the healing may be subtle and over a course of time as we work together uncovering all you want to know and heal.


Other Services Available 

We are available for one-on-one or group sessions in person, by email, phone or on Skype or even from our Website for follow-up questions.

  • Soul Coach / Soul Journeys
  • Past-life regression
  • Astral Travel Course
  • Quest for Animal Messengers ¤ Journey Animal ¤ Totem Animal (stays with you always) ¤ Power Animals (Come to empower you for your current journey) 
  • Quest for Spirit Guides
  • Reiki Sessions or Shaman sessions - One on one or in groups or long distance
  • Space clearing for your home/office or Church. 
  • Classes taught with Crystals/sage & Salts
  • Empowerment Classes          
  • Essential Oil Classes for Healing and Energy  
  • Fire Ceremonies
  • Animal Communication Retreats and Personal readings