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Please take a few minutes to fill out CLIENT DATA FORM it is an Excel Data Sheet.  Please feel free to type your information into the sheets provided and either E-mail, fax it or bring it with you on your initial visit.


Dona Strong is a Certified Soul Coach  
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Appointments For Your Four And Two Legged, Winged Or Reptile Family Members 

We love the attention we get, now let’s share it with our animal family members. You are your pet’s person and as such want the very best for them. During their session they will be given Reiki, Treated with oils and given the reading received thru Intuitive, Empathic and Clairvoyant message. Aiding your pet in their relaxation healing and your knowledge of any issues they may be feeling.

What is Energy clearing anyway?

It is said that every living thing on the planet has a unique vibration. People who are sensitive or are trained through spiritual practice can identify the vibrations of different people, places, things and emotions. Energy clearing is energetic housekeeping. 

We have all walked into homes and business and felt like we wanted to leave or were immediately uncomfortable, you might even feel flu like symptoms in places or like there is someone watching you. We sometimes decide not to buy or rent homes and apartments because we don’t like the way it "feels", these are all reasons we want energy clearing in our homes. Removing the unwanted vibrations, ghosts, thought forms or emotions is what energy clearing is all about. 


In my many years of energy clearing I have encountered all kinds of energies including those of anger, violence, divorce, grief, sadness death and the negative effects from electro-magnetic fields, ghosts, etheric patterns, nature spirits, thought forms and attachments.


Stagnant [negative] energy:  is usually what you are working on within both Homes and Businesses.  Stagnant energy accumulates through repetitive, restrictive thought patterns like fear, envy, jealousy etc.  Areas where unadvised spiritualistic rituals have been conducted can also accumulate large amounts of negative, stagnant energy quickly. When you pass thru a negative energy spot, you can feel it's effects immediately manifested as irritation, anger, fear. 

Here is our price list for some of our other on site services
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Personal Consultation with: Reiki Master
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Below are the average Cost for Residential Space and Energy Clearing. Use the down to view all of the pricing. 

**Remember this is clearing your entire property and griding not just your living Space. The entire grounds** 

Homes that excess 2,000 Sq will be priced accordingly after site visit.

**Please note: These prices only cover areas that are 50 miles or less from our Plant City Facility and  no more than 1/2 Acre of Land
Residential Space Clearing Less than 1/2 Acre of Land
Below in the Cost for Business and or Industrial park Space and Energy Clearing use the down arrow for additional Information. 

**Please note: These prices only cover areas that are 50 miles or less from our Plant City Facility and  no more than 1/2 Acre of Land
Business Industrial Clearing Less than 1/4 Acre Land or Lot

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