In the Light of ONE

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Links/Authors/Recommended Books

Authors - Brian Weiss Regression - Carolyn Myss - Too many to list – all good! Serious work! - Collette Baron Reid Too many good books to list - Denise Linn Angelic Realm, Soul Coaching, Past Life Regression - Echert Tolle Power of Now, New Earth, on Oprah - Gregg Braden Serious Writer  -  Judy Hall The crystal Bible 2 - Louise Hay Wonderful see her sight and  - James Van Praagh Wonderful writer! - John Edwards Wonderful books - John Holland Wonderful books - Lisa Williams Site, books, tv show - Marianne Williamson Too many good books to list - Melissa Shelon Veterinarian’s use of Essential oils - Wayne Dyer Writer, inspirational speaker

Ted Andrews – Animal-speak: the Spiritual; Nature-Speak: Signs, Omens, The healers manual; The Animal-wise Tarot; Art of Shape Shifting

Other Special Interest that concern us
The Lakota Law Project  -  This is just one of many trying to Save Lakota Children..
One SpiritThis is a Native American service organization founded to assist and 
support American Indians