In the Light of ONE
Things we Do

∞     Help lead others to be at greater peace within.

∞     Help others live their lives with a greater happiness and purpose. 

∞     Help those who wish to have a feeling of being grounded and in harmony with everyone in their lives including those you work with.

∞     Offer healing to all that are in need of our services – human or animal

     Thru spirit offer empathic and intuitive readings 
Dona is A Registered member of International Association of Reiki Practitioners

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OUR BELIEF IS IN SPIRIT and Self Empowerment

We are an Alternative Healing Center that uses both Reiki and Shamanic Healing energy, Therapeutic oils, Sages, Herbs and Crystals. We are called on to do healings where traditional medicine has failed, and by those that know our homeopathic work and would prefer to be healed mentally physically and spiritually by us. We've worked with people in coma's, people who have had radical surgeries, for spiritual intervention and whole body well being. 

Journey to Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota

I will making a trip to the Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota.. I will be leaving on 12th of October and will be returning on the  25th.   I will be joining the movement NoDAPL standing for Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota.    I will be bringing much needed supplies to my brothers and sisters  I am figuring in food supplies for others as there are now more than 8000 people in attendance.  I will be bringing 100 lb bags of rice, flour, beans, dried meats, potatoes, onions and drinking water. 
If you can help that would be wonderful.   If you can not make monetary donation that is ok  if you have any winter camping gear, or sleeping bags, lights, tarps, Coleman grill, etc.   Please contact me as I will need these for the 12 days I am at camp, I will use the vehicle as my home base.    

I am asking that you pass this along to others you may think will be interested in helping to fund this Sacred Journey.. "PILAMAYAYE: Thank You"

Quick List of Dona’s Certifications are:  


  Reiki Master Teacher
  Essential Oils for Animals
  Inter-Species Communication
 Past Life Regression
  Certified Soul Coaching
  Astral Travel
  Young Living Essential Oils

Dona is a Master Teacher works with Usui Reiki, Young Living Pharmaceutical Therapeutic Essential grade oils, Inter-Species Communication, Meditation and in addition works with Alpha, Beta,Theta, Gamma, Soul Coaching and Past Life Regressions.   
Dona studied under the Reiki Alliance and holds her Reiki Master Certification with IARP with a long lineage of Grand Masters Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, and Phyllis Lei Furumoto, William Rand.  Dona has earned many certifications some of which are:  Reiki Master, Essential oils for Animals Certification with Veterinarian Melissa Shelton, DVM,  Inter-Species Communication Certifications from Kumari Mullen, ESQ, Past Life Regression and Soul Coaching Certifications with Denise Linn at her Summerhill Ranch in California. 

Dona Strong is a Certified Soul Coach:  Click Here

Dona Strong is also Registered Reiki Master Teacher  For more information:   Click Here

Ley does energy healing and is a Shaman trained from a long linage of Medicine men, Shamans and Chiefs. This tradition of healing is highly honored, and powerful medicine in itself, often coupled with crystals and healing oils as needed for each specific treatment given.

Although traditional certifications of paper are not given to those whose study under Native American Healers and leaders we spend years honing our craft before we are given the final seal of approval to perform ceremony or healing work from our Mentors.  In the worldview of the shaman, all life forms are interconnected and interdependent. If one species suffers, all others are affected. The health and well-being of humanity is, therefore, dependent upon the overall health of the web of life.   A shaman is also an explorer of doorways – doorways from ordinary reality into non-ordinary reality, portals leading from the physical world into the spirit world. We perceive energy, and spiritual force.    

Panther Ridge Prince Charles
One with Nature
Wedding Blessing
Interfaith Ceremony
My Universal Life Church Ordination

Ley is also a Reverend and able to perform Marriage Ceremonies